Getting Ready

Picture of a community member from the M+ photo shoot.

Do Your Homework

The pages in this section provide guidance in how to get the information you need to design a program that can be successful.

  • What are the disparities in your program?
  • What are the HIV trends in your area?
  • What are the unmet needs that your agency can address?


Within your organization, deciding the best way to achieve your mission and goals is a process that takes time and the dedication of one or more staff champions and the support of leadership.

The CDC's Capacity Building Assistance network provides access to experts in facilitating change and program development. They can help you outline your plan and bring your staff up to speed. If you are in a clinical setting, the HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program's AIDS Education and Training Centers have faculty who are experts in facilitating practice transformation and clinical staff development.

After you've figured out your goals, you'll need a plan to prepare your staff for new systems and new services. Finally, you want a plan for monitoring what's working and what's not. Very few new programs are launched without some hitches.

This website has examples of job descriptions, protocols, and other implementation tools from the original Project STYLE and the M+ adaptation. You can use these as a starting point.