High-Quality HIV Care

Do your clients feel welcomed and taken care of in their clinic? Do they have someone to call or text if they have questions or problems? Do you offer case management and referrals? Is a clinic visit stressful or empowering?

The goal of this intervention is to make high-quality care accessible and valuable to vulnerable populations. Patients are healthier and live longer when they make their appointments and take their medications consistently. Unfortunately, many people with HIV face significant personal and societal barriers to staying in care. These can range from transportation to mental health issues. In this context, high-quality HIV care means:

  • Patient-centered and individualized care
  • Expert clinicians who can address both HIV and non-HIV-related health concerns
  • Support programs that address and acknowledge non-medical needs

Involve your staff, clients, and community in deciding how you can improve your service delivery, and prioritizing changes.

Factor Things to think about
  • Are the staff welcoming and comfortable with a diverse client population?
  • Do your staff reflect your community?
  • Does the waiting room demonstrate respect for your clients?
Clinical services
  • Is scheduling flexible?
  • Do you remind patients of visits and important milestones in care?
  • Do you address your patient’s priorities?
  • Do you provide integrated mental health and substance use services?
Support services
  • Do you provide orientation to new clients?
  • Do you offer support groups?
  • Do you offer case management and referrals for housing, food, and financial assistance?
  • Do you offer transportation assistance?
  • Do you provide childcare?

STYLE: A University and Community Collaboration

The HIV specialty clinic at University of North Carolina had expert clinicians, but weren't reaching a high-need population. They partnered with community-based agencies to attract and retain underserved young men of color. Their outreach workers and providers educated patients about the importance of routine care, and worked to removed barriers by having flexible clinic hours and using texting for communication.

M+ and APEB Clinical and Support Services

This video highlights the range of services provided by AIDS Project East Bay (APEB), a community-based AIDS Service Organization that has provided health care and support services for thirty five years. 

M+ "Red Carpet" Services

In addition to the services described above, M+ participants have access to special perks such as:

  • Downtown M+ Lounge: A private place of rest, support, and networking (snacks, drinks, and comfortable seating)
  • Secret M+ Facebook Group: For developing partnerships, mentorships, long-lasting friendships; sharing advice and dstories; current health info
  • M+ Navigation Assistance: A dedicated specialist to provide tools and support for linkage to care, and medication adherence
  • M+ Text Support: Two-way text message service for navigation assistance, appointment reminders, and general questions