Social Support Programs

Peer support is effective in breaking down isolation and internalized stigma among people living with HIV. There are numerous formats, ranging from time-limited, structured programs to informal drop-in groups. The original STYLE had a weekly support group for young MSM of color. Their outreach workers also built supportive relationships with clients.

Design your support programs to fill community gaps and to meet the interests of your client population. APEB/M+ puts a strong emphasis on social support and community building. Their programs are described below.

M+ Social Support

The M+ program provided social support to M+ participants through a variety of groups. 

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Positive Living

Positive Living is a one-time three hour group session to support African American MSM living with HIV by increasing social support, helping men understand and respond effectively to HIV stigma, and increase HIV health literacy. It serves as the introductory session to the M+ program. 

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HAPI (Having a Pozitive Impact) Group

HAPI was specifically developed for African American MSM living with HIV. HAPI is based on a strength-based model; encouraging its participants to build skills to support self-efficacy and sustainable health-seeking behaviors. HAPI focuses on treatment as prevention, medication adherence support, and living healthy with HIV. This group meets bi-monthly and features information about treatment and medical services.

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Brothers Reclaiming Our Heritage Society or BROHS & BROHTalk

BROHTalk is an expansion of the former Brothaz Connexion program is a weekly group discussion for African American MSM held at APEB. BROHTalk is divided into eight series each containing six sessions. Each of the eight series has themed group discussions, lessons, role-plays and other activities. Additionally, the series culminates with an annual BROHTalk Year End Party at a venue chosen by those who attend at least 75-80% of the meetings.

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Download Brothaz Connection Description

Promotional video for Brothaz Connection, used online and in social media.